Demo of PacVis

Motivation for PacVis

I must admit that I love Arch Linux, largely because Arch Linux made me feel like I really own the whole system. In my Arch Linux system, I know clearly every package I have installed and why I installed it. I can find which package brings …

I found this when using activities under KDE5 today. One can drag the activities button out of the edge of the screen, then it will jump back and forth at the edge. Here is a video:

Of course you can drag it back, so it is not a …

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“…if we do this work … and the result is that Linux works great …” --Bill Gates

From: Bill Gates

’-- Sent: Sunday, January 24, 1999 8:41 AM

Jeff Westorinon; Ben Fathi ;

TO: Carl Stork (Exchange); Nathan Myhrvofd; Eric Rudder

Subject: ACPI extensions

One thing I find myself wondering …