“…if we do this work … ” --Bill Gates

renren から導入した。

From: Bill Gates

’-- Sent: Sunday, January 24, 1999 8:41 AM

Jeff Westorinon; Ben Fathi ;

TO: Carl Stork (Exchange); Nathan Myhrvofd; Eric Rudder

Subject: ACPI extensions

One thing I find myself wondering about is whether we shouldn’t try and make the "ACPI" extensions somehow Windows specific.

It seems unfortunate if we do this work and get our partners to do the work and the result is that Linux works great without having to do the work.

Maybe there is no way to avoid this problem but it does bother me.

Maybe we could define the APIs so that they work well with NT and not the others even if they are open.

Or maybe we could patent something relaled to this.



もしこれは今更Xen4.0の上にACPI 3.0完全的なサポートが得ない原因、ならBill Gatesを呪います!

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