About This Blog

I will use 3 languages, namely Chinese(zh), Japanese(jp) and English(en) to write this blog whenever it make sense. Chinese has both traditional(zh) simplified(zhs) version, and I will always write as the traditional version first and then translate it into simplified version by using OpenCC automatically.


My Name is YANG Jiachen(楊嘉晨)

born in June 1989

I am currently pursuing PhD degree in

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,

Osaka University (http://sdl.ist.osaka-u.ac.jp/)

I graduated from

School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

F0703701 (http://se.sjtu.edu.cn/)

Current Avatar

My avatar is Izayoi Sakuya

This avatar is 十六夜(いざよい Izayoi) 咲夜(さくや Sakuya) , drawn by HUG and published here pixiv id=41143207 . Izayoi is a character from Touhou Project, and she is my favorite character in many released games of Touhou Project, including 妖々夢(Perfect Cherry Blossom) , 永夜抄(Imperishable Night) , 緋想天(Scarlet Weather Rhapsody) , 非想天則(Hisōtensoku) .

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